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Realtors! Thank you for your referrals. We really appreciate all of your business.

Please direct your client to our website to complete an application. We will respond to their application within 24 business hours. Call our Property Manager at  843-232-0000 with any questions.

We will pay a leasing fee for any of our properties, even if they are not listed on the MLS. We will pay the below referral fees, unless the MLS shows a different fee. We request you show the property to your client.

We will pay a leasing fee:


This will be paid once the tenant signs the lease and has paid the first month’s rent. We will pay the leasing fee to the agents on the 15th of the month. This check will be mailed to the Broker.

Please remember we pay $500 per door for all new properties you refer to us to manage! You are guaranteed to receive the property back when your client is ready to sell.


We will contact the owner within 24 business hours.

We pay the highest referral fees to Realtors after we receive a signed management agreement. We will pay you $500 PER DOOR!!! We will pay the Realtor referral fee after the Owner signs the management agreement and the first month of rent is received.

When your client wants to sell this property in the future, Real Living Home Realty Group Property Management will allow the referring agent to sell the property without a referral fee. Guaranteed!

Please share the these with your client or call 843-232-0000 with any questions.

New Owner Information Packages:

Checklists for how to get your property ready

Free Rental Home Analysis

Step by step on what to expect from a property manager